Alvein [v57e] [Yni] Fixed

Alvein [v57e] [Yni] Fixed
    Developer: Yni
    OS: Windows, Linux, Android
    Language: English
    Genre: 2DCG, 2D fantasy, incest, footjob, handjob, breasts, big ass, small breasts, big boobs, adventure, romance, humor, puzzle, mature woman, voyeurism, teasing, spanking, lesbians.

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"Alvaine. This is a role-playing game for adults with interesting puzzles, exciting twists and turns, dangerous challenges, and, above all, gorgeous women with unique biographies and personalities. The protagonist must save his home village and its inhabitants from a growing threat while carrying his father's death on his back! You play as a young man who must save his village and its inhabitants from a growing threat. He may seem to lack the skills of a true hero, but he will surprise you with his intelligence and incredible luck. Prove to everyone that you have the right to be the Great Guardian, save Alvan and win the hearts and bodies of all the women in town!

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