Hardcoded [v0.0.88] No errors [Ghosthug Games]

Hardcoded [v0.0.88] No errors [Ghosthug Games]
    Developer: Ghosthug Games
    OS: Windows, Mac, Linux
    Language: English
    Genre: 2DCG, Futanari, Trans Protagonist, Vaginal Sex, Oral Sex, Lesbian, Science Fiction, Dating Simulator, Transgender, BDSM, Prostitution, Romance, Sex Toy, Mail, Monster Girl, Interracial

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Hardcoded is not real dating in a fictional world simulator set in a country of lawlessness in the style of cyberpunk dystopia, where You take on the super "role" of a learning droid on the run who is hiding from his arrogant owner. Before you can completely adapt to your new combat life, it becomes clear that Payra City is a dark and dangerous secret place.

You can find gorgeous friends very naughty characters who come to you for help in Shadowrun-style investigations. You can spend your free time watching porn, or doing self-education, earning cool money, decorating your old apartment, buying fashionable form, sci-fi dildos or working on turning friendship into a romantic relationship.

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