The Symbiant new +18 [vX-0.5.9] [HeartCoreDev]

The Symbiant new +18 [vX-0.5.9] [HeartCoreDev]
    Developer: HeartCoreDev
    OS: Windows, Android
    Language: English, French, Russian
    Genre: 2DCG, voiced by, big ass, gay, male lead, tentacles, monster, science fiction, anal sex, oral sex, masturbation, romance

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In the year 5068, Dania and her friend Juniper operate the Ameasat, a modest spaceship used to transport cargo along the Milky Way. They were asked to transport a mysterious and beautiful alien woman who calls herself Brahyu.

Sometimes, in the middle of the night, he hears strange noises coming from the Brahyu room. What is he hiding there? And how will this affect the rapidly growing bond between them?

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