Haley’s Story [no errors] [Fixed] [Viitgames] [Final Version]

Haley’s Story [no errors] [Fixed] [Viitgames] [Final Version]
    Developer: Viitgames

    Genre: 3DCG, Male Protagonist, Animation, Romance, Incest, Interracial Sex, Humor, Twins, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Anal Sex, Cheating, Debauchery, Ass Cumshot, Fetish, Group Sex, Lesbian, Pornography, Sex in the Vagina

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At first I was thrilled when my sister Haley and I got a job at the same company. Living together, of course, would make the move less costly. She is your twin and is only two hours older than you. That's the only reason she's always there for you, even if she's constantly breaking your balls. So how much can you complain?

Additional information:
Changelog: Multimod. Mod for opening the entire gallery, adding dialog prompts for scoring MC points and some other features. Features Adds hints to the dialog to give MC points. Starts a new game and lets you watch the ending of the game. Cheat in the quick menu. Changed information about cheat menu variables. Added text size and transparency of the text field in the settings. Install. Note: You may have to download the Incest patch first, overwrite the files in the game folder, and then install this mod. PC (Windows/Linux): Unpack the mod files and place the mod's "game" folder in the "Haley-0.x-pc" folder. MAC: Unpack the mod file → Right-click the "Haley" application → Click "Show Package Contents" → Open "Contents" → Open the "Resources" folder → Hold down the Option key, drag the folder named "game" mod to the "Autorun" folder → "Merge" Click "Merge".

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