Stay True, Stay You [no errors] [Fixed] [v0.3] [Danson]

Stay True, Stay You [no errors] [Fixed] [v0.3] [Danson]
    Developer: Danson
    OS: Windows, Mac, Android
    Language: English
    Genre: 3DCG, anal sex, animation, blowjob, ass pussy, doggy style, fetish, foreplay, masturbation, humor, male starring, MILF, mobile game, oral sex, first person, romance, School environment, Sex toy, teaser, whore, sex in the vagina, virgin, peeping, national Treason is a sin.

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You play as a young man who has been dating the woman of his dreams for three months. But as soon as everything settles down and it seems that everything is going well, everything changes. Your parents invite you home to talk, and new opportunities appear that change your view of the world. Will you stay true to yourself when temptations appear more and more often? Or will they stay with you?

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