Vis [v2.0] [Mad King Games] [no errors] [Fixed]

Vis [v2.0] [Mad King Games] [no errors] [Fixed]
    Developer: Mad King Games
    OS: Windows, Mac, Android

    Genre: Male Role, Fantasy, Visual Novel, Lempai, 3DCG, Mature Woman, Nipple Torture, Fetish, Incest, Mother and Child, Both Sexes, Brother and Sister, Voyeurism, Debauchery, Sex, Anal Sex, Oral Sex, Group Sex, Masturbation, Sister and Brother, Twins, Fetish, Masturbation, Lesbians, NTR

Brief description and photos of the game "Vis [v2.0] [Mad King Games] [no errors] [Fixed]"

You are a prince from the royal family who rules a newly formed colony. Your father, the king, rules the kingdom with an iron bracelet and holds power until the last drop of blood is shed. Take a dynasty that will exist even after your death and embark on an adventurous journey that will change the whole known world and not only. Every decision you make will either support or destroy your empire.
Create, kill, corrupt and rule.

Additional information:
Installation: 1. unpack and run.

If this is your first time playing, download build v1.6.1 (Chapter 1) to familiarize yourself with the plot.

Rise of the Legend - a separate build (with its own game saving)
Rise of the legend is an assembly that has the main storyline of the game described above, plus a storyline with side characters that are not important to the main plot.
The Rise of the legend storyline is activated when you click on the kitchen in the main hall. After the last update is completed, you should see the button.

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