Lust Hunter [no errors] [Fixed] [v0.6.2] [Lust Madness]

Lust Hunter [no errors] [Fixed] [v0.6.2] [Lust Madness]
    Developer: Lust Madness
    OS: Windows, Mac, Android
    Language: English
    Genre: 2D Games, 3DCG, Adventure, Animation, Fantasy, RPG, Domination, Female Protagonist, Male Protagonist, Futa, Trans Protagonist, Monster, Monster Girl, Craft, Sandbox, Vaginal Sex. Anal Sex, Oral Sex, Foot Fetish, Scissors, Tits, Anal Fisting, Vaginal Fisting, Deep Throat, Masturbation, Prostitution, Cunnilingus, Anilingus, Lesbian, Gay, Squirt

Brief description and photos of the game "Lust Hunter [no errors] [Fixed] [v0.6.2] [Lust Madness]"

The world was full of lust, and everyone was having sex. Until the witches appeared and took all the lust for themselves. All creatures must be filled with desire, and witches must be banished.

Additional information:
Changelog: v0.6.2 What's new in the brothel Capture the enemy, train the enemy, make the enemy your own. Random quests in brothels 5 new tasks to find prostitutes in brothels. 9 new animations in the brothel. 3 for women. 3 for fut and realfoot. 3 for men. Some other minor fixes

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