Mystwood Manor [Faerin] [Final Version]

Mystwood Manor [Faerin] [Final Version]
    Developer: Faerin
    OS: Windows
    Language: English, German, French, Russian, Portuguese, Chinese, Spanish
    Genre: 3DCG, male role, point and click, romance, science fiction, big tits, big ass, dick, MILF, mystery, incest, romance, management, masturbation, oral sex, supernatural

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In Mistwood Manor, you are a young man who, due to some "unexpected" events, will manage a very old and mysterious hotel.
You will be responsible for hiring, training and managing staff, building new facilities and upgrading the hotel to meet the needs of guests. Each of the employees has a unique character and biography.
As you go through the stories of each of them, you will get acquainted with their inner life.....
Will you be able to unravel the mysteries of Eastwood while managing and developing your hotel business at the same time? Get ready for a new adventure full of dark secrets, shocking events, and most importantly - hot and passionate sex!

Changing the content.
Replace Julia with your mother and Amber with your sister.

Additional information:
Changelog: v1.0.1 History - Added short repetitive night scenes for all employees (they open up better relationships). - Added "hidden" events that give new "customization" characteristics. Gameplay/Interface - Added "customization" features that allow you to exceed the limit of destiny points. - Reduced the cost of the pool and security room for a smoother development. - Portraits of employees available to work in the room have been added to the room's tooltip. - The transparency of the dialog box is now updated immediately when the slider value changes. - When a new image is displayed, it does not pause automatically, skipping the results. - Restaurant satisfaction calculations are now also based on the cook's skill (the average of two skills). - If someone gets sick in the kitchen, the restaurant now automatically stops working. - Club satisfaction calculations are now also based on bar skill (the average of two skills). - If the employee of the bar z

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