DropOut Saga [Fixed] [v0.5.0a] [Lazy Bloodlines]

DropOut Saga [Fixed] [v0.5.0a] [Lazy Bloodlines]
    Developer: Lazy Bloodlines
    OS: Windows, Mac, Android
    Language: English
    Genre: 3DCG, male protagonist, school environment, psychic abilities, corruption, cheating, oral sex, big tits, masturbation, masturbation, exposure mania, drugs, masturbation, male chauvinism, sexual harassment, voyeurism, graphic violence, management

Brief description and photos of the game "DropOut Saga [Fixed] [v0.5.0a] [Lazy Bloodlines]"

You play as a small-time mafia boss and try to leave your organization due to illness, but you can only leave peacefully if all the other top managers agree with you. To influence the authorities, you are sent to an educational institution behind the director's back. There you must collect materials that can be used to blackmail important politicians and cool the enthusiasm of your future former employer. Most of the game scenes take place in a fictional private university attended by wealthy young people. The daughters and sons of politicians, bureaucrats, police chiefs and aristocrats from all over the city study here.

Additional information:
Changelog: v0.5.0a. -Added 5 new scenes. -Added NSFW scene with Sofia. -Added 4 new sex animations. -Added sandbox elements -Added new functions in the office -Added more than 300 renderers

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