Anna Exciting Affection [Fixed] [Chapter 2 v0.95] [DeepSleep]

Anna Exciting Affection [Fixed] [Chapter 2 v0.95] [DeepSleep]
    Developer: DeepSleep – Patreon | Discord
    OS: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android
    Language: English
    Genre: 3DCG, main character, voyeurism, masturbation, oral sex, group sex, blackmail, degradation, anal, spanking

Brief description and photos of the game "Anna Exciting Affection [Fixed] [Chapter 2 v0.95] [DeepSleep]"

You will play the role of "Anna" and make decisions about her life as she learns about herself on this journey. In addition to the main storyline, which has different outcomes depending on your choice, there are many side tasks.

Additional information:
Changelog: v0.95 The first save is with all unlocked scenes. - Please note that saving in the regular version will not work properly in the visual novel. We have finally finished the release of the second chapter of version 0.95 and called it "A Mark for Life". You can use the old save file, but we have prepared a save file that will be launched when the update is launched. In this update, Anna finally turned to Earl, Sergey and Fitzgerald. Anna will also work more in the adult industry. It was decided not to divide the escort and filming routes into two, so now you can still do both, but you can only choose one or the other. Added. More than 360 new renderers, 20 new animations. QOL changes (hiding the background of the text field, centering the text). Experimental new animation control screen for adults during a sex scene (used in a pool scene). Changes have been made. Magazine design. Gallery design

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