Luna’s Fall From Grace No errors [v0.27] [Frozen Synapse]

Luna’s Fall From Grace No errors [v0.27] [Frozen Synapse]
    Developer: Frozen Synapse
    OS: Windows, Mac, Android
    Language: English
    Genre: 3DCG, female domination, main character, graphic violence, groping, group sex, masturbation, lesbians, male domination, vaginal intercourse, voyeurism

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The action of the virtual game novel takes place in a dystopian creepy world where most countries are ruled by greedy bureaucrats and the real power of the government has no words. In particular, the action of an interesting game takes place in Santa Rita, a city strangled by corruption as well as controlled by the mafia as in the ukroin.
You play as beautiful Luna, a young woman with a dark sexual past. Her life changes forever when her own father dies, the girl discovers that her father is involved in a criminal shady business. Luna also learns that her father has many enemies. These people are deeply dissatisfied with the heroine's family. They want payback, blood like fascists.
The daughter, with the help of her father's friend, the mysterious but honest Mr. Cavalcanti, is forced to leave her hometown of Santa Rita - leaves home to stay alive.

It happened three years ago. Since then, Luna has been hiding from her father's enemies and trying to restore her love, life. Help the beautiful heroine to defeat the enemies, and be loved.

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