Anna’s Kingdom – Fixed Version Prologue [Trinciapapere]

Anna’s Kingdom – Fixed Version Prologue [Trinciapapere]

    Genre: Erotic Adventure, Erotic Content, Fantasy, Protagonist, Lesbian, Lempy, Seduction, Trinchap, Violence, Visual Romance

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Do scientistsfromallcountriesthinkaboutdifferent universes?
For Giordano Bruno,aninfiniteset;for some physicists,only ten dimensions.
For Dante Alighieri, there were five universes: hell, heaven, purgatory, the earthlykingdomand limbo.
This visual novel begins withadiscussionof Dante and Anna's story.
A fallen angel born inLimbo. The worst place in the universe, but a girl.
She decides tomusterupthecouragetorebelagainsther captorsanddescendtotheearthly worldtofindoutthe truth about her condition.
Havingdescendedinto the earthly world, the girl receives a call to battle.
She is nothinderedby the forces of evilthatcurrentlyrulethe earthly world,shealsohasthe power ofangelsexiledby God.
However,withthehelpofthe forces of good and manypositivecharacters, from her childhood to the present, she struggles
andaftercountlessvicissitudesof fate, she manages toachieveher true destiny-the heavenlykingdom.

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