Primal Ecstasy – Fixed New Chapter 3 [Imfamus]

Primal Ecstasy –  Fixed New Chapter 3 [Imfamus]

    Genre: Big Ass, Big Tits, Erotic Adventure, Erotic Content, Unknown, Male Role, Masturbation, Milf, Lempy, Seduction, Sexy Girl, Visual Romance, Peeping

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You come from a rich family and were a spoiled child.
You have a good job and your life is perfect.
But one day, during a business trip, your parents and fiancee die in a plane crash.
You are heartbroken and disappointed. Your life is falling apart.
The only way to heal your heart is to move to another city and start all over again.
You buy a new house and start your own business.
Will your business be successful?
Who will you meet in this new city?
Will you fall in love?
Will you ever find out the truth about what happened to your parents?
Play Primal Ecstasy and find out the truth.

Additional information:
Changelog: Chapter 3 will reveal additional information about the tragic plane crash, which will further expand the overall storyline. The presenters will also have many opportunities to improve their relationships with new women. Chapter 3 contains over 40 HD animations and adds new sexy episodes with multiple characters.

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