Ero-Gen [v0.5.1] Fixed [Sesalia]

Ero-Gen [v0.5.1] Fixed [Sesalia]
    Developer: Sesalia
    OS: Windows, Android
    Language: English
    Genre: Adult, NSFW, 3D game, Main character, male domination, Magic, Turn-based combat, Deep throat, Anal, Oral, BDSM, Vaginal Sex, Fantasy, Control, Practitioner

Brief description and photos of the game "Ero-Gen [v0.5.1] Fixed [Sesalia]"

Erotic Game" is an interactive game for adults about the adventures of a witch.
There are three stories in the game.
Each story tells about two sorceresses who somehow find themselves involved in the crimes of the city.
The girls are trying to cope with a sudden disaster, but it is very difficult.
Now none of them will be able to get out of the game without spreading their legs for a robbery.
After a while, the charmers get to know each other better and unite to achieve goals that they did not even suspect when they were involved in this story.

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